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Combat Magic is about buffing characters and weapons so that they can fuction better, most often in an offensive capacity. It deals lmost exclusively with small-scale Tactical combat, character vs character, but may have a few Spells that affect larger scale battles.

Defensive buffs are found in Defence Magic. Powerful buffs that are usually Self-only are found in Body Magic, and some element-based weapon damage buffs are found in Air Magic, Fire Magic and Frost Magic. Weapon- and perhaps armour-strengthening buffs are found in Earth Magic, and in Plant Magic for wooden weapons, e.g. staves.

Note that Combat Magic and Defence Magic constitute a Realm Pair, and make for a good combination for an adventurer mage, especially a warrior-mage.


The Realm of Combat Magic

General information about the Realm

Simple Spells

Put all Spells here that do not utilize Build Points at all, sorted according to sub-Realms or themes into sub-sections.



Build Spells


Related Item Abilities

Item Abilities that are classified as belonging to this Realm for the purpose of avoiding the out-of-Realm tax on Investments.

Pertinent Enchantments

Alternate sub-Realms

Other sub-Realms that are legal choices, e.g. "horizontal" sub-Realms for Necromancy

The world

World impact

The Ärth setting

Design Notes


Combat Magic is a buffing Realm, mainly (possibly exclusively; many Spell ideas are still hazy), inherited from Quest FRP v2.1 that has the Discipline of Battle Magic, but split up into Combat Magic and Defence Magic in Sagatafl, and in many cases heavily modified.

Log of important changes

none so far

Quick mini-glossary

See also


Table for Spells:

SL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
1 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz

Table for Greater Spells:

GSL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
3 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz
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