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This article briefly defines the most important terms, abbreviations and acronyms pertinent to character creation, sorted alphabetically. Note that there are separate articles for more specific terms as well as for important English language words that are not specific to Sagatafl.

Note, this article is still incomplete.


Compensatory points

Compensatory points are DPs and PPs that the player gets, during character creation, as a reward (it's essentially a bribe) for choosing that his character is to have a DisAdvantage (DP) or negPerk (PP), with the amount of compensatory points being intended to be roughly proportional to the predicted degree of inconvenience.


DP, or aDvantage Point, is a kind of points used only during character creation, to purchase Advantages, traits that the characters are born with, or that are otherwise genetic or biological in nature, and thus highly unlikely to change. DP are gained from converting Goodie Points (GP) into aDvantage Points.

Unlike SP and PP, the formula for converting GP into DP is not too generous, using a smaller exponent (of 2) in the conversion formula, thus one is somewhat rewarded and somewhat encouraged, during the character cration process, for emphasizing SP or PP, rather than DP.


An Edge is a sort of specialization of a non-skill trait, signifying that the trait is stronger, more prevalent, or similar, in a narrower regard; unless stated otherwise (and such exceptions are rare), the trait is 1 unit stronger, thus its value is 1 farther from zero, for the purpose of the Edge. For instance a Focus Enchantment might give a -2 RD bonus to Element Magic but have an Edge with Fire Magic, so that for Fire Magic the bonus is higher: -3 RD. Several different kinds of traits can have Edges.

Note that Edges are also used in a different way as a peripheral element of the Roll Mechanic, meant to be used only where absolutely necessary, to represent partial RD differences, such as in the not-yet-created rules for Strategic Combat. There an Edge represents a 1/4 RD advantage, and as such Edges are rounded down, a character must accumulate 4-7 Edges to get a -1 RD bonus, 8-11 Edges to get a -2 RD bonus, and so forth. For instance one commander may have a significant superiority of ranged combat forces (typically archers), in a battle, which counts as 2 Edges, and a slight supriority of high-mobility forces (typically cavalry) which counts as 1 Edges. If he can get 1 more Edge, somewhere, somehow, he'll enjoy a -1 RD bonus to his Strategy Skill roll.


Short for Goodie Point, GPs are the core currency if character creation. Each player has an amount of GPs to distribute between the four categories: aDvantages, Skills, Perks and Special. GPs put into the first three convert to category-specific points (DP, SP, PP) according to non-linear formulae. GPs spent on Special are, as the name implies, special. A character built on more Goodie Points can be expected to be more competent, and even a few GPs makes a big difference, e.g. an average person (white-collar job, owns home, normal mundane Skills) can be built on 40 Goodie Points, but someone built on 60 Goodie Points is noteworthy in some positive way, clearly different and more capable than a common person. A typical competent adventurer is built on 100 GP, and a great hero perhaps on 180 GP.


Perk Point, a kind of points only used in character creation, gained via converting Goodie Points (GP) into Perk Points, and used to purchase social advantages, each of which functions as the charcter's "starting position" at game start and thus is not in any way guaranteed to "stick" to the character in spite of realistic consequences of in-game-world developments. Perk Points convert 1:1 to Reputation Points and Popularity Points, which are used to buy - respectively - Reputations and Popularities, and these two kinds of points are kept track of after character creation.

Like SP, and unlike DP, the formula for converting GP into PP is generous, using a big exponent (2.75) to reward heavy investment.


Skill Point, a kind of points used in character creation, and also in character advacement where they are instead termed XP, eXperience Points. Skill Points are used to purchase ordinary Skills, as well as Professions (broad but weak-and-expensive skills), Lores (binary skills; you either have the skill or you don't), Spells (works mostly like Lores, but can be cast if Partially Known) and Conditionings (physical training to improve strength or stamina).

SP are gained by converting Goodie Points (GP) during character creation, with a rules maximum for how many SP a character can have based on awake life age (this rule has not been defined properly yet, but is intended to prevent only truly absurd cases; it's called the Intensive Ninja Training rule).

Like PP, and unlike DP, the formula for converting GP into SP is generous, using a big exponent (2.75) to reward heavy investment.

XP are gained from being taught or trained, or from self-study or self-training, at a realistic pace, and from overcoming challenging obstacles ("adventuring experience", in a very widely defined sense) at an unrealistically high pace.

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