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This article contains the various traits available to animal shapechange, including Shapechange Spells, Forms and so forth.

In Sagatafl, shapechanging into an animal isn't about combat power, where bigger and stronger is better but rather about abilities, including movement abilities and being able to function in enviroments where Humans either can't go, or can only visit with difficulty and risk.


Animal Shapechange Build Points

Each Shapechange Spell that change the target into Animal Shape or into a Form gves a number of Build Points, and one or more extra BPs with Strong Magic or Very Strong Magic.

These BPs must then be spent to pay for all the traits that the desired animal species has - and all traits must be purchased; it isn't possible to "save BPs" by shapechanging into a snake that doesn't have infravision or into cat that doesn't have night vision. Remaining BPs are converted into a Duration, thus the cheaper the animal species is, the longer the Spell will last.

The first BP cost is for the size difference between the target and the desired species.

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