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Demonology is about Summoning Demons, and then - usually - compelling them to obey one's will, via Dominate Summoned rolls. A severely variant version of Demonology, achieved via Lores and Mysteries, may enable the castr to contct Demons to bargain with them, but if that is your character concept, you should look at Satanism instead.


The Realm of XYZ

Demons come in several grades, and these can be seen as a sort of power level, with Minor, Medium and Major Demons, and so forth.

Simple Spells

Put all Spells here that do not utilize Build Points at all, sorted according to sub-Realms or themes into sub-sections.



Build Spells

Put all Spells here that use Build Points

Build Point Usage

Define here all the things that Build Points may be spent on

Related Item Abilities


Pertinent Enchantments

Stat Bonus, the bonus to Dominate Summoned, or a bonus to a narrower subset.

Alternate sub-Realms

Other sub-Realms that are legal choices, e.g. "horizontal" sub-Realms for Necromancy


Demonology is all about Summoning-then-Dominating. Every Demon you Summon is a gamble, a small gamble for little (relative) power, or a huge gamble for great power. Sagatafl offers many magic systems, and many of those magic systems offer a wide variety of paths to power. Please think carefully about why your character has chosen this very risky path.


The world

Demons are more or less disliked by most cultures in any realistic world, and even though a Demonologist does not make deals with Demons, but instead compels them to obey his will without giving anything in exchange, there is a real risk of the Demon getting loose to rampage through the local area. Setting denizens who are aware of the difference between Demonologists and Satanists still tend to disapprove of Demonology, because of that risk.

World impact

Summon-and-Dominate magic is a tricky thing to balance, and it is easy to get the balance wrong, either so that the world is ruined to the point of necessitating a reboot, or else so that the option tempts one or two players into pursuing it only to find that it is severely underpowered and that they have therefore wasted their points.

The Ärth setting

Design Notes

Log of important changes

Quick mini-glossary

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Table for Spells:

SL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
1 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz

Table for Greater Spells:

GSL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
3 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz
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