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Illusion Magic is used to create spatially located faked sensations, that is, all created Illusions are sensed by everyone that is within sensory range, rather than being in the minds of specifically selected targets.

It deals extensively with specific Senses, such as Vision, Hearing and Smell, and also exotic or supernatural Senses like Infravision, Ultrahearing and Magic-Sensing. Illusion Magic is potentially very powerful, but is curbed in usefulness by the reliance on a vast range of Illusion Art Skills that are required. For each Sense there is an Illusion Art, and as each Illusion is made to affect one or more Senses, the illusionist Spell caster must make a SKill roll for his worst pertinent Illusion Art Skill.

Beginner illuionists are best adviced to stick mainly to Vision-and-Sound Illusions, since this requires learning only two Illusion Art Skills, but truly dedicated grand masters, such as the Ärth setting character Johan the Trickster, need to be experts in over a dozen Illusion Art Skills.

Please note that Illusions of absence are curbed by the Obscuration Illusion Art Skill (e.g. to turn someone invisible or soundless or both), as are Illusions dealing with the sense of Touch, as this is actually split into three different Illusion Art Skills (Temperature, Contact and ... Pain? Not 100% sure). It is eminently possible to create Illusions that obscure and affect the several Senes of touch; it just costs a lot of Skill Points.


The Realm of Illusion Magic

Senses and Illusion Magic

Spot Illusion

Verbally aided disbelief

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Table for Spells:

SL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
1 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz

Table for Greater Spells:

GSL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
3 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz
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