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This is Sagatafl

the Free Fudge-light Roleplaying gaming Engine

This wiki now contains 150 articles (auto-updated daily)

12 posts written to the mailing list in the last four Days.(19 mar 2011)
25 RPG content articles tagged as better-than-Stub. (21 dec 2010)
Wiki put online at its permanent and public URL. (11 oct 2010)
Wiki onlined at secret temporary URL. (26 aug 2010)
Wiki started in offline mode. (11 jul 2010)

Welcome to the Sagatafl wiki!

This is not an anyone-can-edit wiki, but rather a presentation of a work-in-progress RPG rules system, called Sagatafl, as a hypertext.

If you want to have anything to do this with wiki at all, the first thing you should do is to read this article on some very Important terms. Not reading it is likely to cause you to become dangerously confused, because of the rampant misuse of words in the RPG community.

You can read all the files without registering as a user. You may want to register if that lets you configure your viewing preferences (the Designer is stil very new at this, so he's not sure if that can be done), but you won't get editing privileges.

If you want to contribute, contact the Designer and ask, after having read the What you can do to help article.

If you want to edit or create articles, make sure to read the Article format guidelines.


For starters

Start with the first category if you are only interested in the game mechanics, including character creation rules and in-play rules, or the second category if you are here to edit in some capacity, or the third category if you want to see everything there is:

Category:Editor stuff

For editors

This is how most articles should look like, in terms of structure
And this is the above (with a lot of redundant material removed), in wikitext, so that you can just copy-paste it into a newly created article window
Article in wikitext
And this is a reference document for some of the things you can do with wikitext
Wikitext reference I
... And for tables
Wikitext table reference I


Some of the basic mechanics of Sagatafl

Insert links to articles here

Design principles and ideals

insert link to 1-3 articles here


Insert link to FAQ or FAQs here


Example magic items

Category:Demo magic items

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