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GP cost of Luck traits

New table for Luck trait cost based on Faith attribute:

Number of
Luck traits
Faith attribute value
-1 or
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 or
One luck trait 4 GP 3 GP 2 GP 2 GP 2 GP 2 GP 2 GP 2 GP 1 GP 1 GP 1 GP 1 GP 1 GP 1 GP
Two Luck traits 9 GP 7 GP 6 GP 5 GP 5 GP 5 GP 4 GP 4 GP 3 GP 3 GP 3 GP 2 GP 2 GP
Three Luck traits 30 GP 20 GP 15 GP 12 GP 10 GP 9 GP 9 GP 8 GP 7 GP 6 GP 5 GP 4 GP 3 GP 2 GP
Four Luck traits 100 GP 50 GP 35 GP 25 GP 23 GP 21 GP 19 GP 17 GP 15 GP 13 GP 11 GP 10 GP 9 GP

Luck trait effects

Trait Usage Effect Implau-
Miracle Times/
A few times during your lifespan, a stark miracle will happen, to help you and/or your friends or allies with a huge problem. It can be any extreme coincidence that does not truly violate the laws of physics. It is the GM's duty to reject a player's proposed usage, or to demand modifications, if the proposal isn't sufficiently miraculous! Extreme 3
Minor Coincidence Times/
A few times per Week, you have an instance of coincidental luck, but it must be of very low implausibility, and it must benefit you directly. Very
Major Coincidence Times/
A few times per Moon, you have an instance of coincidental luck, of medium implausibility. It must benefit you directly. Medium 2
Jinx Foe Times/
A few times per Moon, one of your foes or rivals have an instance of coincidental bad luck, of low implausibility. It cannot be lethal or cause them severe injury, but it should be inconvenient or very embarrassing. For 2 uses the Jinx affects 2-3 foes or rivals, and for 3 uses it affects up to 10 foes or rivals. To affect more foes you must use Jinx multiple times, e.g. 9 uses to affect 30 foes. Low 2
Reroll Times/
Some times per Week, your player (or the GM if you are an NPC) may re-roll one of your skill, attribute or other stat rolls, or a damage roll for damage caused by or to you. The new roll outcome supercedes the old, except if you chose to spend 4 uses. In that case you benefit from the most desirable of the old and the new roll. n/a 3
Lucky Pockets Points/
Once or more per Moon, you coincidentally happen to carry an object on your person (or in a saddlebag or the trunk of your nearby car) that is needful.
Basic usage costs 1 point for a small and very cheap item that your character would plausibly have brought along. For increasingly expensive or large, or less plausible items, the usage point cost goes up.
The GM must tell the total cost of the proposed usage, before your player decides whether to actually pay the points and use the ability in the proposed way.
n/a 2
Aspected Luck (broad) Times/
You have a certain flavour of luck, covering a broad subject or range of activities, e.g. luck-with-women, or looting luck, or luck in combat, and it produces coincidences of low implausibility a few times per Moon. Low 3
Aspected Luck (narrow) Times/
You have a certain flavour of luck, covering a narrow subject or range of activities, e.g. romantic luck, fishing luck, avoiding being assassinated-luck. This luck produces desirale coincidences of low implausibility within this field, a number of times per Week. Low 2

The Max. column shows the maximum number of times the same Luck trait may be picked, when creating one character, in a realistic campaign (in a non-realistic campaign, any Luck trait may be cosen up to four times). Picking multiple instances of a Luck trait gives extra uses per time unit.

Luck trait uses

Trait Cooldown Taken once Double up Triple up
Triple up
Miracle 1 Week 2/life 5/life 12/life 12/life 30/life
Minor Coincidence 4 Hours 1/Week 2/Week 4/Week 4/Week 7/Week
Major Coincidence 2 Days 1/Moon 2/Moon 4/Moon 7/Moon
Jinx Foe 1 Day 2/Moon 5/Moon 12/Moon 24/Moon
Reroll 2 Hours 2/Week 5/Week 12/Week 12/Week 24/Week
Lucky Pockets 2 Days 4p/Moon 10p/Moon 25p/Moon 60p/Moon
Aspected Luck (broad) 4 Hours 2/Moon 5/Moon 10/Moon 10/Moon 20/Moon
Aspected Luck (narrow) 2 Hours 3/Week 10/Week 25/Week 60/Week

For Lucky Pockets, there is an Elite Effect: Increase points-per-Moon by 50% if the character has Scrounging skill 8-9, or double points and reduce Cooldown to 1 Day for Scrounging skill 10+.

Any Luck traits can be picked twice each, some three times. Usages in paranthesis, i.e. some cases of triple up an all cases of quadruple pick, are appropriate only for silly campaigns, and ar therefore only available if the GM explicitly says so. Also for paranthetical cases, the GM should probably declare that the Cooldown time is reduced a little, and reduced a bit more, perhaps to half the stated interval, for any quad pick.

For Lucky Pockets, the GM should also allow larger items for extra usage points, and more expensive items for extra points, and in a very silly campaign also allow very implausible items for many extra points (and extra points again if the item cannot have been carried concealed on the character or in the character's equipment holders, e.g. a bikini-clad woman carrying a tiny purse and no othe containers, whose player uses Lucky Pockets to pull out a chain saw).

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