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PEP regain

High-tier (x10 PEP multiplier): regains 50% of PEP/Moon (relative 500% PEP/Moon including the x10 multiplier)
Mid-tier (x3 PEP multiplier): regains 50% of PEP/Week (200% PEP/Moon - relative 600% PEP/Moon including the x3 multiplier)
Low-tier (x1 PEP multiplier): regains 25% of PEP/Day (175% PEP/Week or 700% PEP/Moon - relative 700% PEP/Moon including the x1 multiplier)
Always round 25%/50% amounts down to nearest whole number, and note that High-ier has many PEPs which almost makes up for the slow regain, but strongly encourages a more conservative usage pattern, or saving PEPs for real emergencies.

PEP are Power Category-specific, rather than Power-specific. Thus a character has a pool of PEP for the Bardic Powers, regardless of whether he has one or several Bardic Powers, rather than one pool of PEP that can only be used on Bardic Lampoon and another that can only be used on Bardic Inspire.

MP and MP regain

MP is short for Mega Points, and denotes a "Power fuel currency" much more powerful than PEP, Power Energy Points. The choice to spend 1 or more MP - or to not spend MP - is rich in dramatic potential.

Power Tier High
PL6 3 Years (2)
PL7 2 Years (3) 3 Years (2)
PL8 1 Year (4) 2 Years (3) 3 Years (2)
PL9 3/4 Year (6) 1 Year (4) 2 Years (3)
PL10 1/2 Year (8) 3/4 Year (6) 1 Year (4)

Table cells show MP regain interval, with (max) number of unused MP in paranthesis.

MP are Power-specific. A character with Royal Healer 7 and Royal Inspire 8 has separate MP pools for Healer and Inspire.

It may be a good idea to allow a 2-for-1 usage of MP within the same Power category, e.g. Bardic, Royal or Divine, so that a character with Divine Healer 9 and some spare Healer MP, but who has Divine Liberator 7 and no Liberator MP, can spend 2 Healer MP as if they were 1 Liberator MP, to "fuel" a Liberator MP usage. A question then is, should this be possible even if the Power in which the exchanged MP is spent is so low as to not have natural MP, e.g. a Divine Power at PL5 or less? It is not obvious that the answer to this is no.

Things to spend MP on

MP Thing Effects ! Notes
1 Restore PEP I restores PEP equal to the PL4 multiplier
2 Restore PEP II restores PEP equal to the PL7 multiplier
3 Restore PEP III restores PEP equal to the PL10 multiplier
1 Power Roll Bonus I -2 RD bonus to Power Roll
2 Power Roll Bonus II -3 RD bonus to Power Roll
4 Power Roll Bonus III -4 RD bonus to Power Roll
1 Boost Range x30 range Can only use one of these at any given time.
Also Duration is capped at 1 Moon for Boost Duration or Boost R&D
1 Boost Duration Duration +3 TSS
1 Boost R&D x10 range and +2 TSS Duration
1 Affect Large Target I Single-target Power usage can affect a target of up to Size 9 note that a Human is Size 3
2 Affect Large Target II As above, but a Target of Size 10-14
1 Extra Targets I x10 to number of targets Can only use one of these at any given time.
2 Extra Targets II x100 to number of targets
4 Extra Targets III x1000 to number of targets

UP amounts

UP amounts have just been shifted down 1 step, so that PL6 gets no UP even for high-tier, and high-tier gets only 4 UP for PL10.

Power Tier High
PL7 1
PL8 2 1
PL9 3 2 1
PL10 4 3 2

UP are Power-specific, and never regained.

Old table below:

Power Tier High
PL6 1
PL7 2 1
PL8 3 2 1
PL9 4 3 2
PL10 6 4 3

Ideas for things to spend UP on

UP vs MP

The idea is that UP are used for absolutely awe-inspiring and extreme things, while MP are just very powerful, but since they do recharge, albeit slowly, neither player nor character will be strategically paralyzed about using them too early.

In some cases, a distinction can be made that for very powerful Powers, MP can do what other powers can only do with UP. A concrete example is Raise Dead, brining a recently dead person back to life. It could be a good idea to say that Divine Powers, specifically Divine Cleanser (possibly renamed to Divine Healer to be clearer) can Raise Dead by spending 1 or a few MP, whereas most other Powers, such as Virgin Powers and Royal Powers and Lunar Powers (all of these can also heal) must spend 1 UP to do it.

This reinforces the "mythology" of Abrahamic prophets and "infuseds" as being supreme healers, best exemplified by the myths ("gospels") about Jesus of Nazareth, the prophet of Christianity and a great healer. Non-Abrahamics can raise the dead too, but they must pay a dearer currency to do so. In world terms the overall "shape" for a non-Abrahamic is that he only has so many UP (and he always has few) which never recharge, so spending an UP is a great decision. Abrahamics spend MP, which are notably less expensive because they recharge. To a certain extent, it's dumb to "sit on" one's MP and refrain completely from using them. If one keeps doing that, one runs into the recharge barrier.

For a Divine Healer (or Cleanser), a UP could do a spectacular Raise Dead, such as performing the Raise several Moons or even a couple of Years after the death, or if the corpse has been completely destroyed, or 2 UP if both of these are the case.

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