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This article is for temporary stuff that pertains to the 4th or "Special" GP category.


This is an overview of all the things that 4th category GPs can be spent on:


These are non-metagame traits. The characters can be aware of and talk about most of these, the main exception being Veteran Traits, although Profstat is nebulous and problematic to discuss.

  • Increased Profstat (below-average Profstat is a DisAdvantage and thus compensated for in DPs).
  • Increased Omniskill Threshold.
  • Veteran Points (VP) (characters may also get a very few Veteran Points from being old, but GPs give many more), used to buy Veteran Traits.
  • Increased Home Base, via the Well-Travelled trait (controls what Area Knowledges, Reputatons and Popularities the character may have).
  • Pay GP to be allowed to have Connections, with 2 GP for the first such Connection and 1 GP for each additional one, limited to within the area covered by Well-Travelled, and still having to pay PP to improve the Base OVerall Contact stats. Contact Types are used, like in Modern Action RPG, e.g. a player who wants Skilled Craftsmen, Magic Users and Religious Minorities pays 4 GP, 2 for the first Connction, and 1 for each additional.
  • Linguistic Background otherthan Mono-Lingual (semi-Bilingual, ABCCC), costs 1 DP, while anything better costs 1 or more GP, while disadvantageous Linguistic Backgrounds give compensation in DP).
  • Cultural Background, i.e. if a character is Dual- or Multi-Cultured and so can have Skills and so forth from several different cultures, e.g. both Norse and Keltic.
  • Native Terrain, one or at much higher cost two.
  • Special Professions, ones not normally available to learn, such as Linguistics: Practical and Musical Versatility.

Special GP

These are character creation only, and are of a metagame nature. Luck Traits can be noticed and discussed in-character, although of course certainty should be avoided - in-world luck is a mysterious and poorly understood trait even if it can be very clear that some have more than others, and that those who are lucky often have diferently "flavoured" Luck. The two "taxes" are strictly to do with the game-mechanical character creation process.

  • Luck traits (GP cost is currently dependent on the Faith attribute, but an alternative system might be proposed, where Luck Points are derived from the Faith value).
  • "Tax" for no Flaws (3 GP, plus some DPs), or for having Flaws totalling only 1 Flaw Point (1 GP, plus some DPs).
  • "Tax" for a Species Package with a very high (obscene, or multiple GPs for very obscene) UMF.

More elaboration on the above to come later...

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