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Weather Magic is a Prestige Realm. This means that it cannot be used alone with any degree of safety. The caster must have some Skill in both the Air Magic and Water Magic Realms, which belong to a different Category (Weather Magic is Nature Category, Air and Water Magic are both Element Category).

Both the Air Magic Realm Skill, and the Water Magic Real Skill, must equal or exceed the level of the Weather Magic Spell. If this is not the case, the spellcasting attempt is subject to a severe RD penalty, and if the attempt ends in an Abortive Fumble (which is quite likely!), there is a further positive modifier to the Spellcasting Fumble Outcome roll.

Weather Magic Spells are large-scale effect only (to "raise a mist" or similar, use Air Magic or Wather Magic Spells), and can predict natural weather (that is if someone else uses Spells or other magic to affect the weather, the prediction turns out un-true), and can also influence the weather, with the degree of deviation possible from the natural (the natual weather, and season and climate) depending on the level of the Spell, e.g. to turn the wind 45 degrees can be done with a 3rd level spell, but to turn the wind 135 degrees requires a 5th level spell, and 136-180 degrees requires a 6th level Spell.

Important: Do not make a character who knows Weather Magic but who does not also have Air and Water Magic, Or at least if you do, your character should be aware that he has a pressing need to acquire the necessary prerequisite Skills.


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Table for Spells:

SL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
1 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz

Table for Greater Spells:

GSL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
3 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz
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