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This article is about Action Points, a central mechanic in Sagatafl's rules for physical actions in time-critical situations (e.g. combat).

Action Points measure how much a character can do in a given combat Round, with each physical action costing a number of Action Points (that can be reduced via the Speed Factor mechanic), and with the number of APs per Round being determiend by an Intiative Roll. Characters can store a limited number of unspent APs in the AP Bank.

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Generating Action Points

Roll for Reflexes (Initiative) on this table to generate your character's APs as te start of each Round:
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Note that for results of F-2 and worse, characters with the Warrior Training I and Warrior Training II Lores get to use the 3rd and 4th column, respectively, which yield slightly less painfully low amounts of APs.

Also note that the RD of this roll is typically 8, but it can vary a bit, and if some characters - usually one entire side in a conflict - is taken by surprise, e.g. in an ambush, then the RD of their Initiative Roll can be very low indeed (but mitigated for those with the Danger Sense Power).

Examples, Generaitng Action Points

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Storing Action Points

At the very start of each combat Round, each character's Banked APs are automacally withdrawn. The character then rolls for Initiative (this may, on a very bad Fumble, reduce the character's AP total to zero, thus losing him the Banked APs), and the Banked APs are added to the roll-generated APs. This new AP total determines when the character gets to act in that Round, e.g. if Roberto has a total of 14 APs (2 Banked, 12 rolled) and Helen has a total of 11 APs (none banked, 11 rolled), Roberto acts first.

At any given time when a character can act in a Round, i.e. when his Initiative Count comes up, the character may choose to Bank one or more APs, assuming there is room in his Bank.

At any time when a character is in a position to perform a Reaction, i.e. when the character is being attacked and may wish to defend or when the character has the chance to make a Tactical Strike (or other Tactical action), and the character has insufficient APs to perform the desired Reaction, the necessary amounts of APs may be removed from the Bank and used for that purpose.

Normally, characters only put away APs in the Bank at the end of the Round, but they are allowed to do so at any time. The rule about free and ad hoc withdrawal of APs for Reactive purposes is there to thwart metagame mind games between player and GM, or between players whose characters are foes.

Example, Storing Action Points

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