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The word Bank, when capitalized and without specifying what kind of bank it is, refers to the Action Point Bank, or AP Bank, that each character has, which can be used to store a number of unsued APs that carry over to the next combat Round and counts towards letting the character perform his first action sooner. Different characters have different Bank capacities; having a larger Bank is more desirable, in proportion to how much physical combat the character is likely to be involved in.

Please note that the Bank measures the absolute capacity to store APs, not how many APs can be put away per Round for later use, e.g. a character with a Bank of 2 (good but unimpressive) cannot save 2 APs in the 1st Round, 1 more AP in the 2nd Round, 2 more AP in the 3rd Round, and then withdraw 5 APs in the 4th Round in order to kick massive amounts of enemy tail end. Rather, all stored APs are automatically withdrawn at the beginning of each new Round.

Almost all characters have a default Bank size of 1 (excepting those of a species with a very primitive central nervous system, such as most reptilians). This can easily be increased to 2, fairly easily to 3, an with some effort (and thus cost) to 4. Any character with a Bank of only 1 can and will be classified, by most others, as a noncombatant.



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