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Shapechange Magic can be said to be a Prestige Realm, in that it cannot be used alone. Anyone with Shapechange Magic Realm Skill at 1 can learn any Shapechange Spell, and even attempt to cast it, but all Shapechange Spells have out-of-Realm prerequisites, and if these are not met, the casting attempt is at a severe RD penalty, and in the usually-all-too-likely-event of a Fumble, there is a further positive modifier to the Spellcasting Fumble Outcome roll.

Shapechange Spells come in three types.

  • Humanoid Shapechange, that can affect the caster only, changing him into various shapes largely similar to his own (2-arms-2-legs for a Human). These have the Body Magic Realm as a prerequisite.
  • Animal Shapechange, that can affect the caster or a willing target, changing him into various animal shapes. These have the Animal Magic Realm as a prerequisite.
  • Hostile Animal Shapechange. Functions as above, but on unwilling targets, and has Curse Magic as a 2nd prerequisite Realm.

In almost all cases (there may be exceptions or deviations), the prerequisite is that the Skill level in the prerequisite Realm must equal the level of the Spell. If the prerequisite is not met in full, and in all cases, the full penalties for out-of-Realm prerequisites are incurred.

As an example, Aerith the Aënchantress is fed up with her husband, so she wants to change him into a ferret. Since example Spells have not yet been written, we'll arbitrarily define that his is a 5th level Spell (which is reasonable). Aerith cannot convince her husband to receive the spell willingly (at this stage of their marriage, he has learned to distrust her and her pagan ways), so it is a Hostile Animal Shapechange. This means that Aerith must have both Curse Magic at 5+ and Animal Magic at 5+ in order to avoid the full penalty. Fortunately she does, so after drugging and tying up her husband (she doesn't have the Bondage skill, but it's fairly easy to tie up a drugged person, so she gets by with Omniskill), she successfully Slow-Casts the Spell on him, turning him into a ferret.

If Aerith's skill at Curse Magic or Animal Magic had been only 4, she'd have faced the full RD penalties, which most likely would have resulted in an eventual casting Fumble (it's a 5th level Spell, and Aerith's Focus doesn't cover Shapechange Magic), at which point the second penalty would kick in, a bonus to the Spellcasting Fumble Outcome roll, making the consequences more unplesant than they'd otherwise tend to be.


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Table for Spells:

SL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
1 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz

Table for Greater Spells:

GSL Spell
Effect CTI R. Dur. Res. Notes
Normal Strong
Very Str.
3 sn effect SM VSM cti r d no xyz
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