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This article is a repository for Genius Traits, with the traits eventually be meant to be moved out int one or more "proper" articles, and the explanatory text expanded and improved.

DP Cost of Genius Levels (GL)
A character may have Genius Traits worth a number of Genius Levels equal to his Intelligence (the Parent Attribute - sub-Attribute values are disregarded). When creating a character with more GLs than Intelligence, an extra DP cost must be paid, beyond the separate per-item cost of the individual Genius Traits, according to this table:

0 0
1 2
2 5
3 15
4 40
5 100
6 250
7 600
8 1500
9 4000
10 10k
11 25k

(Note: Subtract base Intelligence from the GEnius Level total, then look up that figure.)

Below, some Genius Traits may have an AMP cost. This is ArchMage Points, explained in detail in the article on ArchMage Points, but basically they function as Genius Levels for Genius Traits, except that the threshold is always 3. Having traits with a AMP total of 4 or higher incurs an added DP cost, although not escalating quite as rapidly as for Genius Levels (exactly because the threshold is fixed).

Traits with GL costs represent an enhanced intellect, whereas traits with an AMP cost makes the character more supernaturally powerful. A few traits do both. Note that all Genius Traits (and all traits costing AMP) are inborn, they are genetic in nature and cannot under any circumstances be learned during play, or at any other point in time.

In most cases, there will be one or two versions of a Genius Trait. If there is one it will usually be designated a Medium trait, while if there are two one will be designatd Minor and the other Major. These designations indicate demographic rarity, and usually a Minor trait will be fairly cheap in terms of DP cost and cost 1 or at the most 2 GL, while a Major trait will be very expensive both in DP and GL, with Medium traits being in between.

In a few cases the Minor trait will have a cost of zero Genius Levels. This means that the trait itself is not regarded as a Genius Trait, but that there exist a more powerful version of the trait, the Major one, which does count as a Genius Trait (and has a GL cost as well as a DP cost).

DP Cost
Traits that are "proper" Genius Traits do not hav a fixed cost. Instead the cost depends on the weighted average of certain Attributes or Sub-Attributes, which yields a Cost Factor (CF). This Cost Factor is then multiplied by a value. Both the CF derivation and the multiplier are particular to each Genius Traits. In most (probably all) cases the CF derivation will be the same for a Minor and a Major Trait, but the multiplier will be much higher for the Major Trait. The Cost Factor never affects the GL cost.

If a trait has a fixed cost, then there is no CF derivation. Everyone pays the same cst for that trait, in DP. In most (probably all) cases, fixed cost means that the Genius Trait serves to enhance a sub-function of an Attribute, similar to Iron Will and Will of Steel, and as such there is no need to use a Cost Factor, because characters who are more likely to be born with the trait will also benefit more from it.

The traits

Genius Trait Cost
GL Notes
Minor Iron Will 5 When determining how many WillPower Points (WP) you start with, how many you can have, and how quickly they recharge, look up the figures as if your Will was 3 higher than it actually is (you must have Will 2 or higher to take this trait)
Medium Religious Fervour 10 When looking up your WillPower Points, add your Faith Attribute to your Will Attribute, and look up that total (you must have Will 3 and Faith 3 or higher to take this trait)
Major Will of Steel 40 1 When looking up your WillPower Points, add 10 to your Faith Attribute before referencing the table (you must have Will 4 or higher to take this trait)

Genius Trait CF GL AMP Notes
Medium Talent for Observation 3xPePeTs 2 Your Observation Time stat is increased by 1 (usually from 3 (6 Minutes) to 4 (1 Min.))
Medium Talent for Concentration 3xWiWiIn 2 Your Concentration Time stat is increased by 1 (usually from 3 (1 Hour) to 4 (6 Min.))
Minor Talent for Meditation I 1xWiWiPy 0 1 Your Meditation Time stat is increased by 0.5 (usually from 3 (1 Hour) to 3.5 (30 Min.))
Major Talent for Meditation II 5xWiWiPy 2 4 Your Meditation Time stat is increased by 1 (usually from 3 (1 Hour) to 4 (6 Min.))

Genius Trait Cost

The Cost Factors

Acr. Stat
Cr Creativity
Dx Dexterity Attribute
In Intelligence Attribute
Ip Interpersonal Intelligence
Li Linguistic Intelligence
Lo Logical Intelligence
Acr. Stat
Md Manual Dexterity
Me Mnemonic Intelligence
Mu Musical Intelligence
My Mystical Intelligence
Py Psyche Attribute
Sp Spatial Intelligence
Acr. Stat
Ts Thinking Speed
Pe Perception Attribute
Re Reflexes
Wi Will Attribute

Each Cost Factor for a Genius Trait is defined by a string of two-letter acronyms, and the first step of the process is to take the weighted average of those Attributes, sub-Attributes and derived stats that the acronyms refer to.

For instance, LiLiMe means 2 parts Linguistic Intelligence and 1 part Mnemonic Intelligence. If the characte has an Inteligence(Li) of 4 and an Intelligence(Me) of 3, then the sum is 4+4+3=11. There are 3 parts in total, so we divide by 3 to find the weighted average, 11/3=3.67 (always round to two decimals when calculating CFs for Genius Traits).

Then look up the result in this table. Often you will not find the exactly value. In those cases, find the lower values that is closest, e.g. there is no 3.67 in the tables, so you use 3.00 (not 3.75!)

Value CF
-2.00 N/A
-1.00 20.00
0.00 15.00
1.00 12.00
2.00 10.50
3.00 9.00
3.75 8.00
4.50 7.00
Value CF
5.25 6.50
6.00 6.00
6.50 5.75
7.00 5.5
7.50 5.25
8.00 5.00
8.50 4.75
9.00 4.50
Value CF
9.50 4.25
10.00 4.00
10.25 3.75
10.50 3.50
10.75 3.25
11.00 3.00
11.25 2.75
11.50 2.50
Value CF
11.75 2.25
12.00 2.00
12.25 1.75
12.50 1.50
13.00 1.25
13.50 1.00
14.00 0.75
over 14 0.50

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